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Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination for tourists. This trip takes a step further and takes you to the less explored areas of Rajasthan. Abhaneri is one such place. It is historically and architecturally significant as it houses one of the broadest and deepest step wells in India. Chand Baori is a popular tourist destination, which has intricate carvings, sculptures, and detailing. It was used to conserve water in the arid areas of Rajasthan. The steps go as deep as to the 13th floor. Close to it lies the Harshat Mata Temple, which was partially demolished by Mahmud Ghazni. Both the structures are an 8th-9th century old and represent the rich cultural and technological heritage of the people. the journey will be covered in an air-conditioned car where you see the enchanting desert landscape of Rajasthan.

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